a service of the MOMMY I'M SORRY company

What’s this about

Over the last decade Mommy I'm Sorry build a name for itself and left a world wide mark in the tattoo industry by raising the bar of quality and service standards. It all started back in 2006 when Silas and AJ opened a tiny shop in Stuttgart, Germany. Now, 14 years later Mommy I'm Sorry is operating two large shops and their own academy. They work with a big team of resident artists as well as around 120 guest artists coming from all parts of the world. All these artists have one thing in common: they are the best of this industry.

The Mommy I'm Sorry Agency is the next big move we are making to change this industry. Our booking team, consisting of artist managers and marketing experts, will take over the tour planning, client booking and promotion for the most of the artists we work with. We build a network of tattoo studios all over Europe to ensure that those artists who are managed by the Agency will be guest spotting in the best shops with the highest standards.


How to

Want to become part of us?

You need to fulfill highest standards in order to successfully applicate for the Mommy I’m Sorry Agency. Therefore, subsequent skills are inevitable:

  • an established unique, recognizable portfolio of tattoo art
  • professional customer communication in English language
  • proper guest spot experience on a global level

What’s next?

After having successfully passed the application process, we want you to get in touch with us to discuss your next guest spot. Once we have shared mails about your plans for 2020, you can select tattoo studios on our website to finalize the tour planning. Subsequently, we come into play and start to organize everything tailored to your needs.


How to

What does it take to become partner of our studio network?

We are looking for partners with a high reputation, unique quality and modern and strong management. Simply said: the most exciting studio in town.

What we offer

We bring the best artists directly into your shop. Approved by Mommy I'm Sorry! What does that mean? Every artist who comes to you will first be checked by our studios in Stuttgart. They will be checked for quality, hygienic work, customer friendliness and organization. As soon as everything fits, you come into play. What do you have to do? Providing a well organized working space! We will take care of all organizational issues like bookings, deposits, time schedule etc. and leave the fun part up to you.

Additionally, we support you and any guest artist who visits you through our independent "big four" Instagram channels, who reach more than 1 Million followers.


What we expect

A partnership on an eye level! It is particularly important to us that you welcome every single guest artist in the way you welcome your own artists and employees.
Following skills are ineluctable:

  • many years of experience in taking care of artists and clients
  • fulfilling highest standards in terms of customer management and customer care (social skills)
  • fulfilling highest standards in terms of hygiene


Imagine a world in which the best tattoo artists can freely decide where to work next without being involved into organizational processes.
Hence, the vision of the Mommy I’m Sorry Agency is to revolutionize the tattoo industry by providing total flexibility for everyone involved (artist, studio, client) into the procedure of getting a new tattoo.



• Founder and Head of Mommy I’m Sorry
• Responsible for Sales and Distribution


• Management and Booking Mommy I’m Sorry
• Responsible for Human Resources, Support and Events


• Management and Booking Mommy I’m Sorry
• Responsible for Organization, Consulting and Communication


• Instagram Guru and Founder of The Art Of Tattooing
• Responsible for Marketing, Social Media and Consulting


• Founder and Head of Mommy I’m Sorry
• Responsible for Design, Consultation and Development